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Considering people as its future, Hanyu Nextel provides the highest quality service based on mutual trust.

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About Products

Mobile communication / Internet & broadcasting  / ICT Device Hanyu Nextel sells wired/wireless communication services provided by SK Telecom, high-speed Internet service, Internet IPTV services including BTV in addition to such peripheral devices as smartphones and wearable devices. It sells mobile communication, Internet and broadcasting services and ICT devices. MORE

Distribution Network

Retail sale/ Wholesale / Special sale As a directly managed network of SKT, it sells SKT and ICT products and business devices for individuals and corporations while developing and establishing customized business solutions. It is engaged in retail/wholesale/special sale for SKT while developing ICT products, business devices and customized business solutions. MORE

Directly Managed Agencies

Hanyu Nextel is operating directly managed agencies to get one step closer to customers. You can use Nextel service by visiting the nearest directly managed agency. Customers may conveniently receive service from the nearest directly managed office. MORE

Direct Management Agencies

You may easily search a nearby directly-managed office of Hanyu Nextel offering the best service.

Value Management

An ICT Specialist Creating communication Among Human Beings.

Denial of unauthorized collection of email

Email addresses on the bulletin board in the website shall not be collected without approval through the use of an email address collection program or other technical gadgets, and violators shall receive a criminal penalty in accordance with Information and Communication Network Act.

Date of posting: April 28, 2016