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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of Hanyu.

General provisions

Hanyu values users’ personal information and complies with laws and regulations on personal information. Hanyu (‘The Company’ hereinafter) shall comply with such related laws as Information and Communication Network Act and Personal Information Protection Act (“The Act” hereinafter) and Administrative and Technical Measures for the Personal Information Protection notified by Korea Communications Commission and observe Privacy Policy, Personal Information Protection Act and Guidelines for Personal Information Protection announced by Ministry of Public Administration and Security in accordance with the Article 27-2 of the Act.

(Hanyu is the general term for the following four affiliates: Hanyu, Hanyu Energy, Hanyu SK ETS and Hanyu Nextel)

1. Collection and purpose of use of personal information

- Information on job application/screening process/recruitment, management of recruitment resources and identification
- Identification at a time of provision of salary, welfare and benefits

2. Collected personal information items and a method of collection

- Collected items: Name (Korea, English), date of birth, nationality, address, subject to veteran and disability benefits, telephone number, academic background, major, grade, desired company, desired job obligation, desired area, foreign language capability, other qualifications, military service, overseas experience, training, social activities, awards and self-introduction
- A method of collection: Recruitment homepage & submission of documents

3. Period of handling and preservation of personal information

The company shall immediately destroy applicants’ personal information if it fulfilled the purpose of collection and use of personal information or if applicants withdraw consent to provision of personal information.
However, the information below shall be preserved for a specified period of time based on approval by the subject to the information for following reasons.

(1) Personal information on successful candidates
- Preservation period: During employment
- Reason for preservation: Personnel management during employment, welfare and benefit after retirement, issuance of career statement and etc.

(2) Personal information on unsuccessful candidates
- Preservation period: Immediately removed
- Reason for preservation: Management of recruitment resources for the future

4. Procedures for destruction of personal information and a method of destruction

The company shall immediately destroy applicants’ personal information if it fulfilled the purpose of collection and use of personal, provided that exceptions shall be made if it is necessary to preserve the information in accordance with laws and regulations. It shall be destroyed as follows
- Printed personal information: Shredding or incinerating through the use of a shredder
- Electronically preserved personal information: It is removed in such a way that records cannot be reproduced.

5. Matters related to provision of personal information to a third party

In order to verify information submitted by applicants, the company shall provide applicants’ personal information to other institutions as follows and shall not provide the information to a third party for other purposes.

- Subject to provision: Medical examination hospitals
- Provided items: Name & date of birth
- Purpose of use of provided information: Medical examination
- Period of preservation and use of provided information : Immediate destruction after fulfillment of purpose of provision of information
- Only the personal information of applicants who approved provision of their personal information at a time of application shall be offered to pertinent institutions.

However, exceptions shall be made in following cases.
- If it is specified in accordance with laws and regulations or if it is requested for the purpose of examination by an investigative agency in accordance with specified procedures and methods as provided for in laws and regulations

6. Matters related to entrustment with handling of personal information

The company shall not entrust a third party with handling of personal information

7. Rights to personal information such as reading, correction and withdrawal from approval on provision of personal information and a method of exercise

Applicants may read or correct personal information or withdraw from approval on provision of personal information prior to the final submission of an applicant.
If an applicant wants to read or correct personal information or withdraw from approval on provision of personal information, make sure to make a notification via 02-3460-6546 or Measures will be taken immediately based on identification.

If an applicant requested correction of personal information, the company shall not use or provide pertinent personal information until completion of the correction. If wrong information was provided to a third party, the result of correction shall be immediately notified to a third party for the purpose of rectification.

8. Matters related to a person in charge of protecting personal information

In order to protect applicants’ personal information and resolve related complaints, the company shall appoint Privacy Department and a person in charge of protecting privacy. If you have questions about personal information, make sure to contact Privacy Department. It will provide answers rapidly and sincerely.
- Privacy Department: IT Department
- Telephone number: 82+2-3460-6546
- E-mail :

If you need to report violation of privacy or ask for advice, make sure to contact the following institutions.
(1) Personal Information Dispute Meditation Committee (
(2) Korea Internet & Security Agency (
(3) National Police Agency Cyber Bureau (

9. Collection of personal information based on cookie

Cookie refers to a small quantity of information that a website transfers to an applicant’s computer browser.
The company shall not use cookie that frequently saves and search applicant’s information.

10. Measures to secure safety of personal information

All information sent by applicants shall be safely managed through the use of security system including firewall. In addition, the company shall differentiate authority to access personal information in an effort to thoroughly protect users’ personal information and provide security education on a continual basis by minimizing privacy-related staff. In addition, the company shall designate system users who deal with personal information in order to preserve log records.

11. Matters related to change in privacy policy

If privacy policy is added, removed or corrected in accordance with laws and regulations or changes in policy or security technologies, reasons for the change and related contents shall be notified on the homepage at least 7 days prior to implementation of privacy policy

The policy shall take effect on April 28, 2016.

Denial of unauthorized collection of email

Email addresses on the bulletin board in the website shall not be collected without approval through the use of an email address collection program or other technical gadgets, and violators shall receive a criminal penalty in accordance with Information and Communication Network Act.

Date of posting: April 28, 2016